Fall Prevention Tips during the Fall Season

Even with the cold chill coming in, we technically still have one more month of fall! And the season of fall has us thinking about “falls”. Unfortunately, falls are a common occurrence that can be overlooked and viewed as not important. However, falls can have serious consequences and should be addressed. One out of four adults aged 65+ will fall each year in the United States. That means approximately three million older adults will have to go to the emergency room due to falls. To help decrease these numbers, we put together a list of tips to help with fall prevention!

Advocate for yourself

Stay active

Home Hazards

If you are experiencing any symptom such as:

Then you may benefit in reaching out to your local PT to have a quick screening and learn some tips to prevent falls. Of course, you can always give us a call if you are in the “Falls” Church or surrounding area if you have any questions or concerns.




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Alana Hamilton Alana Hamilton is a physical therapist at Advantage Physical Therapy in Falls Church, Virginia. She is a proud Hokie from Virginia Tech with a major in Biology and a minor in psychology and sociology. Following graduation, she immediately got her doctorate in Physical Therapy from Radford University. She is an avid fan of Pilates, running, and hiking. On the weekends, she can be found hanging out with her family and baby as well as doing Spartan races with her old physical therapy classmates and friends. She is a big believer that during rehabilitation, "Motion is the Lotion" and that staying active is key to remaining healthy.

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